North Experiment Station Brewery opens in Shallotte

34 Degree North Experiment Station, Shallote, N.C.
34 Degree North Experiment Station, Shallote, N.C.

The Red Hare Brewing Website announced:

“Red Hare Brewing Company is heading to the coast and opening their second brewery in Shallotte, North Carolina — just up river from Ocean Isle Beach. This new brewery will primarily focus on barrel aging and open fermentation, while serving as an experimentation station for the ever-increasing diversity of beer flavors and brewing processes. “

Book based on Winnabow and Southeastern N.C.

A book based on Winnabow was released in January 2018.

The blurb on Amazon says:

“Lawyer Peyton Sorel is confident she’ll win a verdict in a massive securities case, until unexpected evidence forces her to question everything she knows about her best client. With the trial and possibly her livelihood on the line, Peyton hunts for a truth she hopes she won’t find.

Her search leads into the path of a talented fixer for a South American drug cartel, Leandro Dufau, who controls all narcotics transport along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. After a shipment goes missing, he tracks the thieves to North Carolina and Winnabow, a vast rice plantation on the Cape Fear River. In North Carolina, Leandro encounters Peyton, who has returned home to see her father and investigate the client.

Peyton picks apart the client’s dark operations, which leads to Leandro. They collide in the high society of North Carolina and the wilderness of Winnabow.”

The book is 500 plus pages and at the time of this post had 4.9 stars with 54 reviews!

Click here for an article on StarNewsOnline about the book. 

Video of Civil War Era Shipwreck captured in Brunswick County

Civil War-Era Shipwreck Discovered Off N.C. Coast (Source: N.C. Dept of Natural and Cultural Resources)
Civil War-Era Shipwreck Discovered Off N.C. Coast (Source: N.C. Dept of Natural and Cultural Resources) reported “DRONE CAPTURES CIVIL WAR-ERA SHIPWRECK OFF BRUNSWICK CO. COAST”

“Brent Garlington flew his drone high above the shipwreck at east end of Holden Beach near Lockwood Folly Inlet and recently captured some amazing aerial views of it.”

Visit the page to read more and to see the drone video!

Read more about the Shipwreck on the N.C. Dept. of Natural and Cultural Resources Website.